School Uniform




Parents are asked to send their child to school in the uniform, detailed below, which was agreed by parents and members of staff as sensible, taking into account that some children travel long distances to school.


The uniform for GIRLS comprises:-

Skirt (pleated)                     Navy

Pinafore Dress                    Navy

Trousers                             Navy

Blouse                                Plain White (school tie must be worn with a white school blouse)

Socks or Tights                   White, Navy

Summer Dress                    Blue and white stripe

School Tie                          (Can be purchased from school)

Sweatshirts/Cardigan/Fleece Navy (with school crest, available from School)

Shoes                                Black/navy

The uniform for BOYS comprises

Shirt                                   Plain white (school tie must be worn with a white school shirt)

Trousers                            Grey/black

Socks                                  Grey

Polo Shirt (summer)            White

School Tie                           (Can be purchased from school)

Sweatshirts/jumper/Fleece    Navy (with school crest, available from School)

Shoes                                Black


School uniform is available to purchase from

School uniform and rules on appearance are central to parental perceptions of the school and the school’s reputation; they also play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school and setting an appropriate tone.  We insist therefore that pupils are smart, tidy, well-presented pupils and take a pride in their uniform and appearance.


School uniform supports positive behaviour and discipline, encourages pupils to identify with and support the school ethos, ensures that pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome, protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way and nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of pupils.  Above all, school uniform supports effective learning and behaviour.

In line with expectation that all pupils dress smartly, pupils’ hair is expected to be tidy and clean.  No variations will be allowed for fashion trends.  Hair is expected to be a natural colour.  Hair art is not acceptable.  The hair should not obscure the face and shaven heads are not acceptable.